Goodcare Partners

Goodcare values its partners in providing top-notch rehabilitative services to clients of all ages, abilities, and settings. Our team-centered approach to care ensures that those who matter most, the client, receives services that has been communicated well to all members of their care team.

Here's what a few partners have to say about Goodcare


"Since making the decision to partner with Goodcare Rehab we have seen a remarkable increase in quality outcomes, resident and family satisfaction, and financial performance. The Goodcare team’s commitment to professional excellence and outstanding customer service is evident in all that they do. Working with Goodcare Rehab has assisted Bethany in maintaining a reputation for quality care and services including achieving a 5-Star rating at Bethany Home Sioux Falls. Partnering with Goodcare Rehab is proving to be one of the best decisions we have made concerning our future and, most importantly, the well-being of our residents."

- Deborah Herrboldt, Lead Administrator, Bethany Home Sioux Falls


“When I think of our relationship with Goodcare, I think peace of mind. The therapists communicate with management, our frontline staff and the residents. They are reliable. They are here when we need them, even with an unexpected admission. Together we form a plan that is best suited for the individual that is receiving the therapy. I have had no worries since partnering with this company. We work together to maximize financial outcome but always keep the resident and their needs the number one priority…Being a small rural facility that is crucial to our success.”

- Jessica McDyer, Administrator, Sibley Nursing and Rehab Center


"I feel privileged to work with such a great group of therapists. The therapist truly care about the residents and what their goal is at the end of their therapy. They know the regulations of Medicare and have great knowledge about the areas they work. I am blessed to have a group of caring therapists who care about my residents and families."

- April Jennings, Administrator, Lyon Manor Nursing & Rehab Center

Of 19 clients surveyed, all 19 would recommend or highly recommend Goodcare therapy to family and friends.


Here's what else clients say about working with Goodcare therapy

"I saw improvement much more quickly than anticipated. Very pleasant and beneficial"

"I was very pleased with the patient way I was treated, never pushed or rushed. Lots of good advice."

"I would like to thank each therapist who was part of my treatment plan. With your collective assistance, I was able to reach my goal and return home."

"The therapists are very knowledgeable and had my best interests in mind when working with me. I would definitely recommend Goodcare therapy."