Therapy Management and Partnerships

We at Goodcare have built our business on the highest of ethical standards in how we approach frequency, duration and appropriateness of therapy services. In this time of scrutiny of overutilization, Goodcare has stood firm on the principle of trusting the clinical judgment of our therapists in how best to meet the needs of our clients. This principle has ensured that any facility who partners with Goodcare can rest easy when their therapy department is under review as there is no corporate influence on the decisions that should be left between the therapist and their patient.

Goodcare will partner with your facility to create an environment of teamwork in all areas of patient care. Our focus is the highest possible outcome for each client. This can only be accomplished through communication, support for each other's roles, and a team-centered approach. Goodcare provides extensive, up-to-date training to our therapists regarding Medicare regulations, changes to reimbursement and are in direct contact with the MDS coordinator and case managers on a regular basis. Goodcare utilizes one of the premier therapy software programs, Rehab Optima, to ensure high-quality documentation and accurate billing of our services.

Goodcare is pleased to be able to offer our dementia management program, "Head, Hands, Heart". This is an interdisciplinary program that is initiated by the therapist, but carries over into a client's daily life by the nursing and activites staff. This program is also easily used by family members to encourage meaningful, enjoyable interactions with their loved ones who may have dementia or other cognitive challenges. Goodcare staff will provide inservices and trainings to facility staff on this program and others as requested by facility staff.

Pediatric Services

Medical-Based: Our Pediatric Therapists use evidence-based practice to provide evaluation & treatment services to children, birth through age 21 with many types of challenges including but not limited to


School-Based: Goodcare therapists are highly trained in educational needs of children. Goodcare is uniquely qualified to assist those in rural areas, whose students may not be receiving the amount of therapy services necessary to meet their educational goals.

Home-Based: Goodcare therapists provide Birth-3 services as well as private-pay services to clients who would prefer therapy to be delivered in their home or daycare.


Goodcare provides PT, OT, ST services to inpatient and outpatient hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and partnerships with home health agencies. Goodcare therapists can utilize Accelerated Care Plus and OTAGO Falls and Balance programs to achieve the highest possible outcome for each patient. Goodcare therapists are heavily involved in quality assurance programs, hospital readmission reduction efforts, as well as promoting a smooth transition to home or other discharge destination. Goodcare will provide inservices to nursing and other staff as needed as well as training for family or other care providers upon discharge.


Goodcare provides PT, OT, ST services to inpatient and outpatient hospitals,

Our highly experienced therapists are ready to consult with facilities or private individuals as requested to assist them in meeting their client's or loved one's needs. Goodcare will match the most appropriate therapist to the consultation need requested. Goodcare is available to consult on issues of:

  • Cognition & Dementia Management
  • Behavior Disorders
  • Falls and balance
  • Home/environmental modifications
  • Management of facility's therapy department

Rehab to Home

Goodcare and Goodcare AtHome Rehab together, offer an innovative and unmatched approach to therapy management services. From an inpatient stay to beyond discharge, our team provides exceptional quality rehabilitation, discharge planning and rehab-to-home services.

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