When we ask our clients what is their ultimate goal, "return home", or "be able to care for myself" is at the top of their list. When we ask therapists or healthcare staff what is your goal for your client when they leave your facility, the majority of them say "for them to be safe and not have a relapse". But what most patients or care providers don't realize is that there is a significant gap in therapy services that would help their clients achieve those goals. The NEW division of Goodcare, called AtHome Rehab, BRIDGES that GAP!

"Bridging the Gap" is an invaluable document to all medical staff, families, and clients in understanding how this service can benefit them.

Who is an AtHome Rehab Candidate?

Goodcare takes great care upon referral to AtHome Rehab that the client does not qualify for skilled Home Health services. If the client meets the criteria for skilled home health services and is home-bound based on Medicare's definition, Goodcare staff will notify the client of that benefit and will assist in locating a home health agency of their choice to meet their needs.

An AtHome Rehab candidate:

  • May live in their home, senior housing, or assisted living facility.
  • Is not home-bound as defined by Medicare.
  • Would have difficulty or is unable to travel to an outpatient clinic.
  • May not attend outpatient therapy sessions or be compliant with home program.
  • Requires a high emphasis on functional activities in their home.
  • Recent discharge from hospital, nursing home or outpatient clinic and requires continued therapy to address safety and full independence with mobility and daily tasks in their unpredictable home environment.
  • Desires to remain in their home for as long as possible and may benefit from home modifications or safety recommendations.
  • May prefer to be seen in the comfort of their home.

How do I get AtHome Rehab Services?

A referral is needed to initiate AtHome Rehab services. The referral can be called in to Jill at 605-231-2490 or faxed to 605-336-0812. A referral can come from a physician, nurse, community agency, family member, or the client themselves. If a referral comes in we will ask a few questions and if the client is appropriate for another level of care, we will make that recommendation then. If it is found that the referral is appropriate for AtHome Rehab, we will secure the physician order for the therapy disciplines needed.

Once the physician order is received, the therapist will contact the client within 48 hours to schedule the evaluation (Monday-Friday). After the evaluation is completed, the therapist will discuss the treatment plan with the client and how many visits they feel it will take to meet the client's stated goals.